Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maybe I Should Gaze In Your Eyes More Often

Striking lightning that favoured the Arabian dance, bold and subtle…
Intimate with her gallant gawk; I felt like we had already shared a night of passion the first time her pupils ran through me, I assure you one look detained thoughts, all but the thoughts of her, I felt her grin during the passage of brightness, longing with everything that I’d hold onto them with my measly existence, I believed they’d bring life after death…faith lied in those deep set sunrise that I whispered over to every other “are they not explosive but tender” faintly I wondered if I could take a stroll inside those wide stars which sat above her nose and on her toffee toned sheet…she relished my moods like fine music, uplifting my being when she bathed me with her looks, birthing the inner royalty in her shade…when I left her region…my fingers dared to revisit and steal that crystal gape for a little longer than just a mere conversation or a casual wave…I wanted her…like a paint brush I sought to leave my prints on her coast while she stared, my sparkling dew drops…she turned envy sweet, the green in me no longer existed and blues soulfully took over greys…again I wanted her…I felt the need to whisk her away from those that stole precious minutes where I required to learn her scent, indulge in it and rub its addictive aroma onto my skin…still I want her, to soften
Her movement, she aroused cultural feelings I had for her heritage, her people where beautiful and I wanted this to seep into my unborn child. So I’d kiss its forehead and say “just like your mother you are”… like a cold breeze I was back to reality and the urge took over as I merged forth and let her hair brush past my face, my eyes slept… and I hissed inside her eardrums “maybe I should gaze in your eyes more often”


Spanish strings that root a dance in While our arms meld to a solo piece
Fields of smoke brings foam to the floor
We sooth in slender travels, through vocal folds
Blades of blocks cut through jaded scars
So they disappear by you shielding in a dance
As blueprints remain scripted in collections of brilliance
We evolve in fuses…Translated in chalk boards that whisper with aroma
And still a galaxy is left to be blinded by our slender travels…
Making irregular circles as we climb on ladders and feel the faint drizzle
Baby faced and alert for magic…this was something different…
Henna tattooed by you across Caramel corners of me…We become Glistening stones in space…The darling stars named us...As you scribbled me in cartoon blushes while I watched fireworks gesture kisses in screaming sparks.
Mouthfuls of sensual romances touch me by Spanish strings
Planting us in high purple hills of love
Diced in games of invisibility from the worlds eye…

Moroccan drums that reach the deaf's rhythm With outstretched limbs,
a web tying us together
Polka dotted passions burst all over the abyss
Stitching dreams to the reality like ardour quilts
Meticulous digits form the base and structure
As we lay our heads down on cosmic cushions
Holding effortless poses that transform in gazer's retrospect
We revolve in fuses...Patterned arithmetic’s equally proportioned on omnipresent celestial easels...
The length we've provided spans as tantamount as the journeys of your scent...and the shape of your smile is the mythology I swing upon faithfully...
Baby faced and alert for magic...this is something marvellous
Tattooed hennas across every speck of your Caramel corners
A chemistries blend on experimental wishes...
Notice the glow it emits
As my punctuations splash the nerves of your spine while you recall what recurring inner visions are
Vast amounts of pageantries engulf me in Moroccan drums
A torrid garden in times of synthesized stratospheres...We roll on searching for new super galaxies to pleasure...

Fahima & A Team Player

Autumn Shades Of Love

The brisk winds weathered gentle screams in the haze of ruthless shades
And we swept in with foreign verses that drenched them to a mute
Threading our dominion to the quakes of autumn,
I watched my outlines bind into your being
Your buzz penetrated us to ascend from galaxies
As you left me plagued with jitters that descended into the soles of winters bruised blue and I smelt the divine realms of our kingdom…
The odour whiffed through your senses as your expressions curved into seasons
Our angels have flown I saw them wave as they passed seagulls and faded into seizing colours Earthly dyes detained us like the hushed screams of the squally weather
Into nothing but natures serene gape.
My lips forever ached to bathe your pitch into stillness
We orchestrated in the core of the universe And you melted into the empathy of my motion
And still music has yet to leave our mornings

The vigorous moonlight captured the leaves from the fallen trees
and marvelled them to our own festive shadow and I was instantly hounded to cease rainbows in that auburn coast we fell in love with.
Maybe we exposed our inner streams to early,because after that insistent flush your eyes watered my pupils at every serenade set.
the notes played on my pacific lanes of crimson hues
As I crossed the midnight mile to arc colours inside your fever, you swelled endless blessings that poured down like raindrops with the chocolate crisp savour
And still music has yet to leave our mornings.

We birthed more angelic wings
That flew into the winds that smeared tints of saintly whispers Heard as mortal feelings needle on earths dust
Rippling into our zest to flourish
And becoming stringed to forever and a little longer
Eternal in mother tongues that neither of us knew would splash our lovemaking on higher ranks of touching, tasting and purely enjoying this…
Through all seasons our prophecy hissed…
Music was never meant to leave our mornings

Heed and navigate us through brisk winds that stripped the rainbow of its auburn colours. Stroking my autumn crumble. Battering the screams into our pious silence.

Copyright 2009

Paranormal Ecstasy

He glistened as she resembled the awakening of dawns blushing glow
Brown and crisp…He envisioned his ripened skin toasting into the savouring tone of hers
No longer bland and forever a descendent of the sun
As he pacified her internal organs into a blend of seasoning chills
Feasting her hunger
Her limbs shattered into confessions
And he cradled himself into her palms
Nesting his fears in-between her fingertips Miraculously tangible in moonlights and midnight stars
Enriching the outcries of their shameless love
Because she was lustful And he could never rid the lust for her
He only wished that he would deepen into her while the sun rose on their enticement
The liquid lure within oozed …take me I’m yours from both accords…

And he sighted majesty every instant his eyes fell upon her dynamic draft
He could complete her sketch with a kings Symphony

She wished him splendours that only she could endure him in.
All this in the heist of their own vicinity
Being the pelvis to their immortally
They sensually stroked their powers to human
She continued to lavish his intoxicating sanity
Being the drench that left his thirst in immiscible heights
They continued to heave past and beyond each others chemistry
Till quenched in serenities madness
Soothing their wakes to sleep
Singing into the strings of their pores As their body’s laid seeping into each other
Breast to chest in sweetness of a sugary aroma
Belly to belly
Becoming one harmonious rhythm
Corresponding the raptures of paradise
And all gates are opened simultaneously
Willingly wrenched to Pluto’s gravity As they tugged the tendering foams of the paranormal Because they were supernatural in the mist of their magic
And that was what I envied…
The powers of love in the haze of humanity

By Your Truly, Fahima

Million Times Over

Siphoned your beauty from the world and into a sugary aroma
Sweet indeed Right then it was enough…
I told you how the sea spat me out like a lost penny
…told me to return to you
I began to suspend myself underneath the sunrise
Willows quarreled in high pitch; said you'd come in an instant…if you knew
The wind chuckled about how it told you…
The rivers ruffled your name while murmuring "any second now"
My heartbeats raced to the moon and back…the moon declared them fast, excited; in love
…You appeared in the midst of winter's purple…
My eyes flew to your sight and that was it…I was yours
Counting stars in your arms
Watching your eyes twinkle in that mystic vibe
God was grateful that we found each other through his light
But now we could dance…
Maybe even slow dance
Or salsa
But we were destined to dance
Right here…right now…FOREVER
And only with each other…
See that's what captured me
…the way we swayed and moved Like we've done this a million times over
My throat felt heavy when you spoke It's like the lingering liquid inside its depth Knew I loved you just as much as my heart did.
What was I to say? That I didn't...It would have laughed and tickled me till I confessed.
So I just let it slip off my tongue It sounded so beautiful
…our first lullaby Like how I imagine my first time I could fall asleep with mouthfuls of I love you
While tasting the sweet nectar of your response, dangling off its juices…buzzing from its caramel melt
The green vigour on the earth sang to me every dawn as the corners of my lips shrouded your smile…
I doubted this was love after the first morning
…no this was greater…you were greater and beside you so was I
This was faith...
And maybe one day we could say it was fate
Exhaling because this feels magnificent
Like Gold to a peasant,
Wings to a bird,
Candy to a child,
Birth to a mother,
This was us
Spanish strings and motion ambrosia
Simply us
…It always had been…we just only found out
And again we swayed and moved like we've done this a million times over
Or maybe we did…in another life
I had a dream we gravitated on top of the universe…I let you see it through my eyes…it was special…you were awestruck Said you'd become the music to my footsteps
Plus the grip to my eyes
The prints on my fingertips
You and I
The clouds were our floor for the longest,You felt so good up there…
I hope you felt the curve to my coated flakes, the lungs to its flaw Inhale
…because this doesn't exist after me So breathe…Please breathe
I'll catch the smoothness of your skin in my next dream…Can't wait to see you beam
To love higher than we've ever known to love…till the world begs us to stop because of that overwhelming sense to jump out of a plane just so gravity could grasp you fast.
But again it feels like we've done this a million times over
Right underneath your sun.I never stopped dancing in your arms.
Cause after you this doesn't exist.
So I'm promised a dance for now

By Yours Truly