Monday, July 13, 2009

Eyes on a sunset

Oil marks that stain more than skin with a fluid audiencebut nothing creeps up and dripples the sweetest honey but when the audience is of two souls
Continents blooming close so the sunset may rust into a rise of a clear blue
I listen to the words ‘beautiful’ like I’ve only heard them this once
relaxing outcries into a cresent moon
they fuse like lighting and thunder
So its only right that an appaulse is battered like indigo seas
That favour Instrumentals shamlessly
Delicate galaxies grasped in his palms
He would still quiver at the thought of miracles evaporating
And love being birthed in empty waters
Leaving us to flourish on dreams
And nourish offsprings on molded fruitslosing belief like vanished winds
Which did not grant us the same magic as the clouds Or the heavens of a believer
So she sprinkles an essence of love on the eyes of the earth
it gawks with fascination
Like its reflecting jewels from a hidden realmn
She being related to every speck that seizes astonishing glances
Caught her lover in the ghastly beauty
as they bathed in musical pallets
Like a paint brush every lyric was plastered over mountains and moonlight
still their lungs exploaded and the crops seasoned off their smiles
Tucked in the depths of a sunset lay a audience of two


  1. my fave pic of all time...

  2. this is a very intricate piece with plenty to feed off of and much more to make people feel so special in your writing...