Monday, July 13, 2009

Eyes on a sunset

Oil marks that stain more than skin with a fluid audiencebut nothing creeps up and dripples the sweetest honey but when the audience is of two souls
Continents blooming close so the sunset may rust into a rise of a clear blue
I listen to the words ‘beautiful’ like I’ve only heard them this once
relaxing outcries into a cresent moon
they fuse like lighting and thunder
So its only right that an appaulse is battered like indigo seas
That favour Instrumentals shamlessly
Delicate galaxies grasped in his palms
He would still quiver at the thought of miracles evaporating
And love being birthed in empty waters
Leaving us to flourish on dreams
And nourish offsprings on molded fruitslosing belief like vanished winds
Which did not grant us the same magic as the clouds Or the heavens of a believer
So she sprinkles an essence of love on the eyes of the earth
it gawks with fascination
Like its reflecting jewels from a hidden realmn
She being related to every speck that seizes astonishing glances
Caught her lover in the ghastly beauty
as they bathed in musical pallets
Like a paint brush every lyric was plastered over mountains and moonlight
still their lungs exploaded and the crops seasoned off their smiles
Tucked in the depths of a sunset lay a audience of two

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A missed moment...never a forgotten memory


This picture i took a while back, i was capturing the light peaking out..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remember Our Short Visits?


Time paused for the longest hour, the second my eyes kissed your sight
I let go of fear and we continued to stare passed our pupils…
Deep into the roots of my palm I found a destination to humble myself into loving again…
With my laughter I stopped you from falling with nothing but a long breath, I've been told it's through the wonders of my lord, now I understand why they say I'm blessed.
We ushered our pride into unbounded silence as daydreams came to take us to our planets…they separated fitting hearts but our eyes were windows in seeing each other …just like the first second we held a gaze.
While swimming in a lake of abandoned hearts I sank to the bottom to only pick up lines of poetry so I could cleanse in them, I hold thoughts of when I may write love into my bed sheets and then I froze…
As we climb back into earth your seeking touch perfects my flaws now I'm radiant with beauty…finally worthy of the flattering praise.
As I glance at time my heart aches as this is a short visit before we return home…to our unlike planets…to our different forms.
I still have flashbacks of when I found comfort in tree backs surrounded in heavy puddles of rain…subhanallah
I fell silent into words that made breathing wonderful, loving the only thing I knew…
And here we are once again on our short visit and I have no need to reach for my pen.
Sunday came… we correlated in thunder waves as you tasted the fresh strawberries off my lips…remember?
…I'll never forget
Gambled seats of high status just so we could pause a moment to walk alongside each other without words said…unlived moments by any other…
Instrumented seashells clutter as you walk through them to reach yesterday
… In mirrors harmonized by the piano I stay licensed to wait till you stand on the steps of today, with me...
As I bathed I sipped in juices of bitter times and hints of smiles…obviously we had just began on the street of painted love…at the end of the road laid a portrait of us ....
A serenade dedicated in the balance of unlike planets with different forms heading home after a short visit.


My Love Note

Every sector of her structure was shaped without apology
Ya Allah you ravelled perfection
Her breath left many breathless including me
Sweetest voice to be found so far apart from the heavens
She was unexplainable
She still is…
Her love is gravitational
Beautiful in ever starlight flaw
Her sour corners still leave eternity wanting her inside its claws
I watched her conceive souls
Leaving them endless and aching for more…
I'm aching…
I hope you ache for her once in this lifetime too
In her 5 feet length she's powerful,
And I prayed she'd remain mine a little longer
Praise thee above that I swelled her belly and gave her a glorious roar
Yes her first born
With the heart as deep as mountains and moist like the crystal rain she adores
I'm in love with her like cuddles and smooches
Missing that sneering bond
We use to be beginners in this journey
Now pros
That brings more than smiles to my soul
If I could cut it open just so you'd hear its giggles, i woud've bleed 18 years ago...
But I'll leave you with this note although it's truly never-ending
Your structure was shaped without apology
Beautiful in every starlight flaw
You're my moments
And I your first born
Yours Truly

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maybe I Should Gaze In Your Eyes More Often

Striking lightning that favoured the Arabian dance, bold and subtle…
Intimate with her gallant gawk; I felt like we had already shared a night of passion the first time her pupils ran through me, I assure you one look detained thoughts, all but the thoughts of her, I felt her grin during the passage of brightness, longing with everything that I’d hold onto them with my measly existence, I believed they’d bring life after death…faith lied in those deep set sunrise that I whispered over to every other “are they not explosive but tender” faintly I wondered if I could take a stroll inside those wide stars which sat above her nose and on her toffee toned sheet…she relished my moods like fine music, uplifting my being when she bathed me with her looks, birthing the inner royalty in her shade…when I left her region…my fingers dared to revisit and steal that crystal gape for a little longer than just a mere conversation or a casual wave…I wanted her…like a paint brush I sought to leave my prints on her coast while she stared, my sparkling dew drops…she turned envy sweet, the green in me no longer existed and blues soulfully took over greys…again I wanted her…I felt the need to whisk her away from those that stole precious minutes where I required to learn her scent, indulge in it and rub its addictive aroma onto my skin…still I want her, to soften
Her movement, she aroused cultural feelings I had for her heritage, her people where beautiful and I wanted this to seep into my unborn child. So I’d kiss its forehead and say “just like your mother you are”… like a cold breeze I was back to reality and the urge took over as I merged forth and let her hair brush past my face, my eyes slept… and I hissed inside her eardrums “maybe I should gaze in your eyes more often”


Spanish strings that root a dance in While our arms meld to a solo piece
Fields of smoke brings foam to the floor
We sooth in slender travels, through vocal folds
Blades of blocks cut through jaded scars
So they disappear by you shielding in a dance
As blueprints remain scripted in collections of brilliance
We evolve in fuses…Translated in chalk boards that whisper with aroma
And still a galaxy is left to be blinded by our slender travels…
Making irregular circles as we climb on ladders and feel the faint drizzle
Baby faced and alert for magic…this was something different…
Henna tattooed by you across Caramel corners of me…We become Glistening stones in space…The darling stars named us...As you scribbled me in cartoon blushes while I watched fireworks gesture kisses in screaming sparks.
Mouthfuls of sensual romances touch me by Spanish strings
Planting us in high purple hills of love
Diced in games of invisibility from the worlds eye…

Moroccan drums that reach the deaf's rhythm With outstretched limbs,
a web tying us together
Polka dotted passions burst all over the abyss
Stitching dreams to the reality like ardour quilts
Meticulous digits form the base and structure
As we lay our heads down on cosmic cushions
Holding effortless poses that transform in gazer's retrospect
We revolve in fuses...Patterned arithmetic’s equally proportioned on omnipresent celestial easels...
The length we've provided spans as tantamount as the journeys of your scent...and the shape of your smile is the mythology I swing upon faithfully...
Baby faced and alert for magic...this is something marvellous
Tattooed hennas across every speck of your Caramel corners
A chemistries blend on experimental wishes...
Notice the glow it emits
As my punctuations splash the nerves of your spine while you recall what recurring inner visions are
Vast amounts of pageantries engulf me in Moroccan drums
A torrid garden in times of synthesized stratospheres...We roll on searching for new super galaxies to pleasure...

Fahima & A Team Player