Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Spanish strings that root a dance in While our arms meld to a solo piece
Fields of smoke brings foam to the floor
We sooth in slender travels, through vocal folds
Blades of blocks cut through jaded scars
So they disappear by you shielding in a dance
As blueprints remain scripted in collections of brilliance
We evolve in fuses…Translated in chalk boards that whisper with aroma
And still a galaxy is left to be blinded by our slender travels…
Making irregular circles as we climb on ladders and feel the faint drizzle
Baby faced and alert for magic…this was something different…
Henna tattooed by you across Caramel corners of me…We become Glistening stones in space…The darling stars named us...As you scribbled me in cartoon blushes while I watched fireworks gesture kisses in screaming sparks.
Mouthfuls of sensual romances touch me by Spanish strings
Planting us in high purple hills of love
Diced in games of invisibility from the worlds eye…

Moroccan drums that reach the deaf's rhythm With outstretched limbs,
a web tying us together
Polka dotted passions burst all over the abyss
Stitching dreams to the reality like ardour quilts
Meticulous digits form the base and structure
As we lay our heads down on cosmic cushions
Holding effortless poses that transform in gazer's retrospect
We revolve in fuses...Patterned arithmetic’s equally proportioned on omnipresent celestial easels...
The length we've provided spans as tantamount as the journeys of your scent...and the shape of your smile is the mythology I swing upon faithfully...
Baby faced and alert for magic...this is something marvellous
Tattooed hennas across every speck of your Caramel corners
A chemistries blend on experimental wishes...
Notice the glow it emits
As my punctuations splash the nerves of your spine while you recall what recurring inner visions are
Vast amounts of pageantries engulf me in Moroccan drums
A torrid garden in times of synthesized stratospheres...We roll on searching for new super galaxies to pleasure...

Fahima & A Team Player

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