Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maybe I Should Gaze In Your Eyes More Often

Striking lightning that favoured the Arabian dance, bold and subtle…
Intimate with her gallant gawk; I felt like we had already shared a night of passion the first time her pupils ran through me, I assure you one look detained thoughts, all but the thoughts of her, I felt her grin during the passage of brightness, longing with everything that I’d hold onto them with my measly existence, I believed they’d bring life after death…faith lied in those deep set sunrise that I whispered over to every other “are they not explosive but tender” faintly I wondered if I could take a stroll inside those wide stars which sat above her nose and on her toffee toned sheet…she relished my moods like fine music, uplifting my being when she bathed me with her looks, birthing the inner royalty in her shade…when I left her region…my fingers dared to revisit and steal that crystal gape for a little longer than just a mere conversation or a casual wave…I wanted her…like a paint brush I sought to leave my prints on her coast while she stared, my sparkling dew drops…she turned envy sweet, the green in me no longer existed and blues soulfully took over greys…again I wanted her…I felt the need to whisk her away from those that stole precious minutes where I required to learn her scent, indulge in it and rub its addictive aroma onto my skin…still I want her, to soften
Her movement, she aroused cultural feelings I had for her heritage, her people where beautiful and I wanted this to seep into my unborn child. So I’d kiss its forehead and say “just like your mother you are”… like a cold breeze I was back to reality and the urge took over as I merged forth and let her hair brush past my face, my eyes slept… and I hissed inside her eardrums “maybe I should gaze in your eyes more often”


  1. U definitely left a print on me walalo! Keep doing wat u do =).

  2. Haye...i see you decided to join blogger.
    How comes i can't follow ur blog lady?