Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Million Times Over

Siphoned your beauty from the world and into a sugary aroma
Sweet indeed Right then it was enough…
I told you how the sea spat me out like a lost penny
…told me to return to you
I began to suspend myself underneath the sunrise
Willows quarreled in high pitch; said you'd come in an instant…if you knew
The wind chuckled about how it told you…
The rivers ruffled your name while murmuring "any second now"
My heartbeats raced to the moon and back…the moon declared them fast, excited; in love
…You appeared in the midst of winter's purple…
My eyes flew to your sight and that was it…I was yours
Counting stars in your arms
Watching your eyes twinkle in that mystic vibe
God was grateful that we found each other through his light
But now we could dance…
Maybe even slow dance
Or salsa
But we were destined to dance
Right here…right now…FOREVER
And only with each other…
See that's what captured me
…the way we swayed and moved Like we've done this a million times over
My throat felt heavy when you spoke It's like the lingering liquid inside its depth Knew I loved you just as much as my heart did.
What was I to say? That I didn't...It would have laughed and tickled me till I confessed.
So I just let it slip off my tongue It sounded so beautiful
…our first lullaby Like how I imagine my first time I could fall asleep with mouthfuls of I love you
While tasting the sweet nectar of your response, dangling off its juices…buzzing from its caramel melt
The green vigour on the earth sang to me every dawn as the corners of my lips shrouded your smile…
I doubted this was love after the first morning
…no this was greater…you were greater and beside you so was I
This was faith...
And maybe one day we could say it was fate
Exhaling because this feels magnificent
Like Gold to a peasant,
Wings to a bird,
Candy to a child,
Birth to a mother,
This was us
Spanish strings and motion ambrosia
Simply us
…It always had been…we just only found out
And again we swayed and moved like we've done this a million times over
Or maybe we did…in another life
I had a dream we gravitated on top of the universe…I let you see it through my eyes…it was special…you were awestruck Said you'd become the music to my footsteps
Plus the grip to my eyes
The prints on my fingertips
You and I
The clouds were our floor for the longest,You felt so good up there…
I hope you felt the curve to my coated flakes, the lungs to its flaw Inhale
…because this doesn't exist after me So breathe…Please breathe
I'll catch the smoothness of your skin in my next dream…Can't wait to see you beam
To love higher than we've ever known to love…till the world begs us to stop because of that overwhelming sense to jump out of a plane just so gravity could grasp you fast.
But again it feels like we've done this a million times over
Right underneath your sun.I never stopped dancing in your arms.
Cause after you this doesn't exist.
So I'm promised a dance for now

By Yours Truly


  1. mashaallah cuzo i loved ur poems keep u..

  2. ...and a billion times more???

  3. "But again it feels like we've done this a million times over
    Right underneath your sun.I never stopped dancing in your arms" love the way your words string together beautifully...Your a joy to any reader...UR 1 FAN xx